James Caspian PsychotherapistI help you to explore your feelings and experiences to find what is true and authentic for you. I work from a Jungian perspective, which acknowledges the potential deep within each of us for the process Jung called ‘individuation’; that is, to become more whole, to incorporate into ourselves and the personality those parts of ourselves we may have been unaware of or suppressed. In this way it is possible to live a more fulfilling life and to have more choices about how we live and experience the world.

Everything depends on inner changes, when this has taken place, then, and only then, does the world change.’

Martin Buber

Where there may be patterns from the past affecting the present in a way which is difficult or painful, psychotherapy – meeting with a non-judgemental therapist to talk through and explore how the past is affecting your life now – can be healing and help long standing emotional issues.

I can bring in to our work together creative techniques to help you to move through what ever may be keeping you stuck – this could include old belief patterns, relationships, or negative experiences. I help you to discover and strengthen the parts of yourself which can give you a more fulfilling, richer experience of life.