James Caspian Psychotherapy, counselling & hypnotherapy

Hello and welcome.

This site is about the work I do with individuals in one-to-one therapy. I hope that you find something helpful to you here.

I specialise in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy,  and am influenced by psychoanalytic, psychodynamic and Jungian approaches, which recognise the influence of our unconscious mind on our lives.

People seek out the help of a counsellor or therapist for lots of reasons – a life crisis, relationship breakup, loss of work, feeling stuck, depression, bereavement, lack of self esteem, ill health, gender and sexuality, a lack of meaning in life or a creative block may be some. Meeting with a non-judgemental therapist in an atmosphere of trust where one can talk through and examine one’s life, both on an inner and outer level, and look at dreams and hopes, thoughts and feelings, and how the past can be affecting the ability to live in the present, can lead to an unfolding of potential and insight.

A difficult life situation may be not just a problem to be solved, but a call to examine in more depth what it is we need to most pay attention to in ourselves and our lives, and what parts of ourselves we may have neglected or ignored. In this sense a painful period in life can be an opportunity to reconnect with our whole, with the creative self that embraces all of our potential and our need to be fully human.

I work with clients on Zoom and Skype as well as in person in East Sussex.